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Oliver Sievers


Dissertation Oliver Sievers

Radiative Heating rates in the atmosphere, estimated from MSG data

Radiation divergence Earth' atmosphere is dynamical active only because of the development and intensification of temperature differences, i.e. different heating rates. These heatings are mainly caused by radiation divergences in the atmosphere (and on the surface) and conversion of latent heat. Therefore knowledge of these heating rates is very important for understanding atmospheric movement. But nevertheless there are no comprehensive measurements (with high temporal and spatial resolution, covering large areas and longer time series) available until now.

MSG Within the scope of introducing MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) this study describes a method for estimating atmospheric heating rates caused by radiative divergences. With MSG, starting operational service in the beginning of 2004 as Meteosat 8, a satellite with several formerly unknown possibilities is available. 12 narrowband spectral channels, a temporal resolution of 15 minutes, a spatial resolution of up to 1km by 1km and a broadband radiometer to develop the radiation budget hasn't been flown on a single geostationary satellite yet.

Using a radiative transfer model a dataset was build which simulates both satellite measurement and profiles of atmospheric heating rates. This dataset was used to train neural networks giving the demanded estimation - of course with a certain accuracy and with respect to limits.

The thesis is under preparation for being published in html format. It is available at the moment at the library "Staatsbibliothek Hamburg" as PDF: Note that there is no english version available, sorry. A paper is also under preparation.

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